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3T Medical Systems (3TM) partners with healthcare institutions to enhance patient outcomes and reduce costs. 3TM distributes ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers, EZ-TRAX Surgical Customization Trays, and Titan Surgical Retractors. For more information, please follow us on LinkedIn and visit us at www.3tmedical.com.
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A division of HealthTrust, AdvantageTrust provides non-acute care members with access to the same contracts HealthTrust has negotiated for its larger hospital members.
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Through collaboration and innovation, Boston Scientific is the preferred urology clinical and business partner that offers comprehensive breadth and depth of knowledge and products.
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Your premier partner for OR solutions that save time while lowering costs/risk. Serres includes high quality bags, canisters, and Nemo for safe fluid management and disposal. Pharma Systems HCHs/Filters provide patient comfort and bacterial/viral efficiencies >99.99%. Introducing CAREcircuitPro+ anesthesia circuits infused with silver for multi-day/anti-microbial advantages. View more at www.carestreamamerica.com.
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For over 40 years, CCI has been the leader in perioperative certification. A nonprofit dedicated to perioperative nursing, CCI administers the CNOR, CSSM, CNAMB, CNS-CP, CFPN, and NPDA-BC certification programs.
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Cohealo enables health systems to save money by sharing medical equipment between facilities, reducing rentals and capital expenses while expanding access to new equipment types.
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Copient Health develops and markets solutions that increase case volume and optimize OR block management in hospitals and surgery centers.
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Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs) are painful for patients and increase treatment costs for providers. Nearly 25% of HAPIs are acquired intra-operatively during surgeries lasting three hours or more. Dabir systems are innovative solutions that have been clinically demonstrated to provide tissue offloading to promote healthy tissue perfusion, mitigate the effects of deep tissue deformation and skin shear to prevent pressure injuries.
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DocSpera is an integrated surgical coordination platform, to drive improved workflow efficiencies and deliver better patient care. DocSpera's proprietary platform automates pre-surgical case coordination, with real-time updates.
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Fujitsu is transforming perioperative planning and patient scheduling to deliver performance increases for hospitals. Using mathematical optimization, quantum-inspired technology, and the know-how of perioperative leaders, we will optimize OR capacity.
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Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on our firsthand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medtech specialists, we are improving the everyday life for people - today and tomorrow.
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UT Haslam College of Business in Knoxville, Tennessee offers a one year Executive MBA for Healthcare Leadership. We help students build leadership skills while learning the business of healthcare. In addition, UT offers targeted solutions to help organizations build strengths needed to drive and sustain transformation. University of Tennessee Executive MBA Programs - Your Partner in the Real Work of Transforming Healthcare.
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Haskell's Advisory Services identifies innovative and implementable strategic and operational initiatives to optimize processes and reduce costs. Haskell's proprietary data visualizations assist perioperative leaders in real-world problem solving and improvements.
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HealthNautica's eORders™ is a comprehensive cloud solution for managing the entire perioperative process without changing your scheduling system. It begins by the physician's office filling out an online surgery or procedure (e.g. GI, Cardiac) fully customized booking form. The completed booking form is electronically submitted to the hospital's scheduling department for approval and scheduling. All edits to the request are tracked and highlighted for easy identification and quick resolution, including a complete audit trail of all the changes made. HealthNautica's eORders™ solution can help your hospital grow surgical volumes, drastically decrease 24-hour cancellation rate, eliminate denials, improve patient safety and increase physician satisfaction.
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HealthTrust (www.healthtrustpg.com) is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through total spend management solutions that leverage our operator experience, scale and innovation.
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Kermit is a spend management software that helps hospital supply chain manage contract compliance for physician preference items (PPI), ensuring waste, fraud and abuse is kept in check. Through the digitization of the paper implant bill sheets in the OR, Kermit is able to use AI and personalized business and clinical rules to prevent creep in your PPI spend. Kermit's team of PPI experts is also equipped to lead your next service line negotiation. Together, these approaches has led to an average of 30% reduction over previous year's spend.
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LeanTaaS's iQueue for Operating Rooms uses lean principles and predictive analytics to match surgeons' variable and sometimes unpredictable demand for operating room time with the supply of often constrained resources such as robots, staff and anesthesia. Partnering with our customers, we have delivered strong ROIs, and sustainable results including a 6%+increase in primetime utilization, $500k per OR per year in increased revenue.
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LiveData, Inc. provides data-driven surgical care solutions that help perioperative teams optimize operating room performance, increase staff satisfaction, improve communications, and enhance patient safety.
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Medline strengthens operational performance by uncovering opportunities that help improve efficiency and contain costs in the OR. Our broad range of products outfit surgical suites across the perioperative phases.
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MedSol is a medical products & devices distribution. Also consultants and strategists. But we've managed to put the best of everything above into a hybrid that stands firm and ready for whatever challenge we come across. We invest in good people, good ideas and long lasting relationships that gives a positive impact.
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Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS)- SaaS application used by both vendor sales reps and hospital staff to manage implant supplies & document implant usage in surgical cases for vendor payment.
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For over 30 years, Microline Surgical has advanced the field of minimally invasive surgery. We Deliver Precision Instruments that enable surgeons across the globe to perform highly complex procedures.
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Moab Healthcare's core focus is bridging labor gaps in Surgery and Sterile Processing. Providing quality candidates to ensure patient safety. Travel Staffing (SPD/Surgical Techs/Surgical Nurses) to Interim Leaders.
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Owens & Minor is a global healthcare solutions company with integrated technologies, products, and services aligned to deliver significant and sustained value for healthcare providers and manufacturers across the continuum
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PAR Excellence is a vertically integrated healthcare supply chain technology solution provider that manufacturers, installs, and supports an integrated suite of proprietary hardware and software solutions enabling Healthcare providers to optimize labor, eliminate outdated manual processes, reduce inventory, improve efficiency, and establish real time visibility across all clinical and supply chain locations.
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PrefTech OR is a Cloud-based Platform that enables Operating Room staff to monitor, maintain, and optimize their Surgical Preference Cards.
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preop.ai is recognized for its patient information management service for surgery departments. We support over 80 leading hospitals, 10,000 surgeon offices, and 1 million patients/year. Using AI, people, and processes we address the challenge of poorly labeled patient information residing in the unclassified hospital EHR's Media Repository.
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QGenda revolutionizes healthcare workforce management with solutions for scheduling, credentialing, on-call scheduling, capacity, time tracking, compensation management, analytics. Over 4,000 organizations use QGenda to manage and deploy their workforce.
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Qventus, the leading provider of AI-based software for care operations automation, uses AI, machine learning, and behavioral science to automate OR scheduling to improve access, growth, and utilization. visit www.qventus.com/perioperative
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ReadySet Surgical's cloud-based solution increases workflow efficiencies and reduces implant vendor spend for bill-only cases. It provides needed visibility and actionable insights into the entire vendor-managed inventory process.
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Seabright Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare technology firm focused exclusively on automation and cost savings related to bill only implants. Seabright's Bill Only Portal eliminates paper charge sheets and enables our customers to create effective cost containment strategies and reduce the impact of vendor discretion.
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SIPS Consults is a consulting agency that provides certified staff for Central Sterile, Materials Management and OR departments nationwide. SIPS places experienced Technicians, Supervisors, Interim-Management, Educators and Consultants.
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SpendMend has been the leading provider of cost-savings solutions in the healthcare industry. SpendMend works to expose dark data in the cost cycle and optimize costs in meaningful and collaborative
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SRI's products and services help Healthcare providers attain their sustainability goals, improve surgeon and staff satisfaction while ensuring continuity of supply. SRI Healthcare offers a healthcare service that provides a total and unique opportunity for hospitals to source their Sustainable Reusable Sterile Packs as well as other sustainable healthcare. All processing is done in one of our state-of-the-art, FDA-regulated service centers.
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STERIS SPM delivers software solutions for managing the demands of the modern sterile processing department. The industry leader, SPM's portfolio of products addresses all aspects of the sterile processing function.
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Symmetric Health Solutions is a software company for healthcare supply chain data. Hundreds of acute care hospitals rely on our software to automate processes and improve the bottom-line!
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TrackCore serves more than 1,000 hospitals with its industry leading software that fully incorporates all implant categories including tissue, implant, bill-only, and explanted devices.
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Vizient, Inc. provides solutions and services that improve the delivery of high-value care by aligning cost, quality and market performance for more than half of the nation's health care providers.
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